welcome to the figures in comfort online shop

Figures In Comfort are an independent producer of foam trays and cases for the wargames and hobbies market, we currently have 7 cases (in 6 colors) and 36 foam trays available to store or transport your figures.

Over the past few years we have gone for quality products and are continually monitoring our products to ensure they are the best on the market. Why settle for second best or copies when you can transport and store your figures in comfort and style?

official litko eu distributor

We are the official distributor of Litko products. Although we do not currently carry the full range, we are adding to our inventory on a regular basis.


west wind production show stockist

We are the official Show Stockist for West Wind Productions and as such, carry ranges such as  Forged in Battle, Arthurians, Empire of the Dead and the new War and Empire 15mm Ancient figure range. Other West Wind ranges can be pre-ordered for collection, but please give plenty of time before the show for these.

critical mass show stockist

We are pleased to announce that we are now the official Show Stockist of Critical Mass Games and as such we carry the full range of 15mm Sci-fi figures, vehicles and gaming accessories associated with this system. We also carry the range of MaskFX painting masks for miniatures which give you an excellent camoflage finish on 15mm or 28mm models.